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Whether you are celebrating a big milestone or just want to have a good time on your birthday, a party bus can enhance your whole experience. If you are going to be drinking to celebrate, let us drive you around to various destinations of your choosing. Our service will have the birthday boy or girl dancing on wheels, this is how a birthday should be spent. Read More

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The Greater Lansing area hosts some of the most interesting and entertaining festivals throughout the year. No matter what your interest might be, there is a festival to match. We will make sure you not only get there, but with us doing the driving, you never have to worry about finding parking. We will drop you off and pick you up near the festival so all you have to do is enjoy what you came to see. Did we mention that with a party bus, you can also have fun on the way there and back. Call us today! Read More

There is no shortage of music related activities in the Lansing area. Of course, as exciting as going to a concert with friends can be, it is equally a drag when you have to fight traffic, find a place to park that is often a mile away from the venue, and then miss the first few tunes because everyone is fighting each other to get to their seat. With our party bus, you will be on time, have a short walk, and be able to prime your group by listening to the high quality sound system in the bus. Relax and enjoy the concert by letting us transport you there. Read More

There is so much to see and to do in Grand Rapids. It really just depends on what you like. You can make your own list of destinations or let us make a few suggestions. If it's culture, recreation, nightlife, shopping, or anything else you may be looking for, Grand Rapids has it. Now all you need is someone to take you and your group around, sounds like that's where we come in. Read More

Detroit is really a very under appreciated City. It has a very rich history, contains some amazing architecture, and is showing major signs of revitalization. No matter what angle you want to see Detroit from, a party bus can help you find your sites without getting lost on all of the one way streets. And while you and you group are traveling, enjoy the amenities one of our party buses have to offer. Its luxury touring at its finest. Relax and enjoy the city. Read More

You haven't been to a great sports city until you have visited Detroit. If you are going to see the Lions, Tigers, or Wings, you will want to let us chauffeur you there. If you are into tailgating, we can help you there too. You will be the talk of the town when you pull up with all of our features: coolers, high quality audio systems, HD large flat screens, and comfortable seating. You have never went to a game like this, trust us. Read More

The prom, love it or hate it, it's here. What can you do for your senior to make this a memorable and safe evening. Rent one of our party buses at Party Bus Lansing and we will do for your son or daughter what you thought wasn't possible: put a huge smile on their face. This way they can be with a huge group of their friends, enjoy the electronics inside of the bus, dance to the prom and back, and do it with a professional driver making sure everything goes according to plan. This is a true win-win for everyone, parents and seniors. You'll be able to relax. Read More