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The Motor City, what else is there to say? A lot. Detroit is on the comeback trail and there is so much to see and do. Starting with the downtown area, Detroit offers something for everyone: bars, sports, theaters, history, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the river walk and much more. Expand your travels to Tareas like Campus Martius, Greektown, Eastern Market, Belle Isle, and you could explore for weeks. There is every level of hotel and motel to rest after an exciting day of activity and 5 star restaurants to fill your tummy with quality food well prepared. It won't take too long to realize that Detroit does have an identity and its more than just blue collar although that is certainly a big part of what Detroit is in its soul.

The problem is this, you need time to explore all that Detroit has to offer. You also need expertise and a luxurious way to get around the City that once was called the arsenal of democracy. Can we offer a suggestion? A party bus from Party Bus Lansing offers this combination and much more. Ride around in style and enjoy exploring this infamous city in a very unique way. Keep in mind that downtown areas are notorious for being hard to maneuver in and around and parking costs are a killer.

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On your route to your destinations, you will experience a posh luxury like you have never known. Imagine heading to the Renaissance Center while kicking back on the soft leather seats in our party buses and enjoying a sip of wine or a cold beer. All of our party buses are outfitted with coolers built into the bars. If music is your thing, we have you covered with a high quality sound system. The windows have a very dark tint on them so what happens on the bus is your private affair. Equipped with large flat screens, you can watch something you brought or something on television. We have the capability of playing your own custom play list via iPod or MP3. We probably don't have to mention it, but if its summer, we do have air conditioning. We could go on, but we think you get the picture.

You will never feel a part of the Motor City as much as you will aboard one of our party buses. Our drivers know the city intimately, every street and every alley. Just in case, though, the party buses are equipped with GPS to allay any fears you might have. Ask your driver about any point of interest in the City, you will find them very knowledgeable and trained to handle any situation. All of our drivers are certified and all of our party buses are regularly inspected and maintained.

Now is your time to do something different, enjoy the historic City of Detroit in style. Our call center representatives are friendly and eager to get you started. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, they are here to help you get only what you need and in the end, we at Party Bus Lansing, realize that is exactly what you will be satisfied with. For those in Detroit needing service check out our friends at Limo Service in Detroit or for charter transportation Detroit Charter Buses.

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