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While we don't have bathrooms on our party buses, our buses include unlimited stops so you are free to stop and use the bathroom at any time you need to.

We do a six hour minimum on all trips. If you are getting married we offer a 3.5 hour wedding package.

No smoking of any kind is allowed on any vehicle and doing so can result in a $100 charge or ending your trip.

You are allowed to make as many stops as you would like at no charge.

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We provide service and answer phone calls 24/7.

We travel anywhere in Michigan. There are no restrictions as long as it fits within your time frame.

The minimum gratuity is included. However, you are welcome to augment this with any additional gratuity that you might deem appropriate. It is totally up to you.

Anyone who is of legal drinking age may drink alcohol on our party buses. This is allowed because our vehicles are licensed by MDOT.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, travellers checks, and pre-approved checks drafted from local banks.

You can stop as many times as you like during your trip whether it was on your itinerary or not. As long as you stay within your allotted rental time, you will not incur any additional charges.

If you go over your original rental time, you will be charged at quarterly increments based on the hourly rate that you agreed on when you booked your vehicle.

If you travel more than 50 miles, you may be charged a fuel surcharge. Short of that, you can travel anywhere within the your rental time frame for no additional charge.

Yes, we do require a security deposit at the time of your booking. This needs to be made with a credit card.

We do not have any hidden fees. As long as there is no damage to the vehicle and you do not go over on your time there will be no extra charges.

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