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Music is so engrained in the culture of the Lansing area, it calls out to you and becomes a part of your life whether you were born a music fan or not. There are so many venues to enjoy including indoor, outdoor, small and large. In terms of genre, there are chances to see and hear everything from country, rock and roll, classical, to punk and so much more. And then there is the huge range of musical groups that play in the area, whether you like local bands or national names, you are in the perfect place. If music is your thing, you have come to the right area.

Now that you have decided to go to a concert or visit a music festival, have you thought about how you are going to get there. Picture this in your head: waiting in long lines trying to get into a venue, moving at a snails pace with your foot on and off the gas, having to park a mile away from the event location. Does this ring a bell? Why not skip the nasty part and hire someone else to get you there and back. Our drivers at Party Bus Lansing not only know all of the short cuts to every venue, they will drop you off much closer to the event than you could ever get on your own.

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While you are on your way to the concert or festival of your life, enjoy what our party buses have to offer. Maybe you have a DVD of your favorite band you are on your way to see. Stick it in the player connected to our large plasma screens and rock out as you prime yourself for the real thing. Between songs, enjoy a cold one from the granite topped bar areas fully stocked with ice. If you are a dancer, prepare to bust a move on the custom wood flooring in the party bus while listening to a favorite CD. If you have time to relax a bit before the concert, chill out on our deluxe leather seating. Describing a party bud is one thing, but you really have to see one and experience one to truly know what it can provide you in terms of enjoyment.

Our promise to you is that our vehicles are kept in the best possible condition through frequent inspections and maintenance. In addition, our drivers are the best in the business. They are trained and certified and very knowledgeable about the roads and the routes they take you on. We believe the combination of great vehicles and great people are what make for great service to our clientele.

If you have questions, we are here to serve you. Our customer service agents are available day and night to customize your experience because we believe each potential client deserves to be treated in a unique way. We will never try to rent you something you do not need, that would be against everything we believe as a company. What we do want is to have you as a long term customer and that can only start with that first conversation. So please call us today and start down the road to experiencing what we consider to be a true difference maker.

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