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Lansing has a number of venues to help make your birthday special. Whether its a more low keyed celebration you rare looking for or a wild and crazy time, there is something for everyone within a 20 mile radius. Being a man or a woman might make a difference as to how you celebrate, but either way the choices are here: a thriving night life, high quality restaurants, beautiful museums, spas, and much more. Don't think about being a year older, only about having the time of your life.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, travel around for the day or evening in a party bus from Party Bus Lansing. We want you to put your whole self into having a good time and celebrating your very special day. If you are going to visit a number of attractions or venues, we will take you there. Experience the peace of mind that comes from riding with a high quality service like ours. No worries about driving if you have had one to many, everyone gets back to their homes safely. Now, that's peace of mind.

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While on your way to your venue, experience everything our party buses have to offer. It all starts with comfort. Prepare to melt into the seats of very soft leather and to have plenty of leg room no matter where you roam. There is a nicely lit bar area in all of our party buses complete with champagne flutes to help celebrate your special day. There will be a plasma television available which cam be paired with an amazing sound system. We give you the opportunity to create a specific play list on your iPod or CD to show off your best dance moves on wood flooring of the bus. Depending on how you want to celebrate, our buses have stripper poles installed. In the end, you will arrive at your destinations safely and smiling the whole way. Our drivers are intimately familiar with the Lansing area and our buses are equipped with GPS so no worries about not getting to where you want to go.

There is one little item we haven't talked about yet: traffic. Don't let your birthday be ruined by spending half your night stuck in downtown Lansing traffic. If you have never experienced what its like bring chauffeured around by a professional driver, make it part of your birthday gift. One more thing, all vehicles are fully insured and licensed and each one is constantly maintained and inspected.

With a party bus from Party Bus Lansing, you can make this a birthday to remember. Our knowledgeable staff can tailor and set you up with a perfect party bus for your special needs. We would like to wish you a happy birthday and we are sure your celebration will be enhanced tremendously by enjoying your day in a party bus. Get a quote today.

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