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Your wedding is coming up and you know you want to document everything via photography. You are also considering hiring a videographer, but you are kind of on the fence. What kinds of things should you consider when it comes to videography? Is it as important as photography, or is it more so? How much will it cost and is it worth the cost? There are so many questions to find answers to. One piece of advice that rings true in terms of making a decision about videography is research, research, and research. It will go a long way to giving you the knowledge you need to making an educated choice.

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want your wedding filmed or not. Keep in mind that video is going to capture many more moments than photography. It is truly like making a documentary. With the equipment available today, you could basically have just about every moment of your wedding day filmed if you so desire. You probably should put out of your mind the home movies you have seen your uncle capture most of which is from one perspective. Videographers can be just as creative as a photographer and can catch many moments from many different angles and directions, just like a movie maker. Also, as an added bonus, your wedding footage will give you the advantage of sound which is a greater sensory experience. You will be reminded of things that were said that may be lost to time. You may want to take a look at some professionally captured wedding footage and that could help you in deciding whether you want to take this step or not.

You are worried about whether you will be satisfied with what the videographer captures. One of the best ways you can know this is to meet with potential service providers and talk at length about what you want to capture, how much, and what angles the videographer would use. Go in with your ideas, bounce them around during your meeting and gauge the responses. If they seem responsive to your ideas and the suggestions seem like good ones, this may be a person you can work with and be happy with.

Now, for a question that causes many people much consternation. With so many videographers out there, how do you know which one to choose? A lot of this is truly referrals and recommendations. A testimonial is worth a million dollars when it comes to this kind of work. Talk to people who have been clients themselves. Ask questions about their style and if all of their expectations were met. Are they really experienced or are they new to the business. Watch a number of clips from their portfolio, this will go a long way to showing you how they work at the scene and whether the finished product will be something you will like. Some of this aspect will be subjective of course, but it will really help you in choosing one over another. We also offer more resources for Lansing Wedding Videographers.

Of course the number one question for most is about cost. A lot of the answer to this question will be related to what level of service you are asking for and how many hours the videographer will be putting in. Most of your quality videographers are not going to be cheap so if you really want to bite the bullet and have your wedding day recorded, perhaps the more pertinent question is, how much bang will you get for your buck. Take a close look at the packages offered. Make sure you get everything you want in the package you choose. If you don't see something that fits your exact situation, ask if you can customize a package. This is a one time deal, you want to be happy with what you see on that DVD.

There are a lot of positive aspects to having your wedding recorded by a videographer. If its done right, it will be like watching a movie and you are the star of the show. Your memory will remember the days events in a certain way and certainly, the photographer's work can help increase that recall, but having it on film will be like being there all over again. The question you have to answer is whether that is important to you. It may not be, pictures may suffice as your way of documenting your special day. And that is the beauty of having a choice. Consider the information above when you go to do your research and make your final decision, armed with knowledge, you can make your final decision.