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Stockbridge Bowl

If you're out and about in the Stockbridge area with and looking for something to do, why not check out Stockbridge Bowl with all your good party bus friends? There's nothing quite like a night of bowling to bring out a little healthy competition and spark some great conversation with your friends. The bar is very good here too and they've got lots of yummy options in terms of food. A must-visit! Found at 900 South Clinton Street.

Inverness Inn

A very charming and impressive place for being tucked away in a semi-rural area in nearby Gregory, Inverness Inn is a nice place for our Stockbridge area travelers to fuel up and relax at the same time. The pizzas are what we'd recommend most highly here, and they've got a lot of good greasy favorites like burgers and fries too. The karaoke nights are really a blast and you'll love the live music as well. Definitely something special here. At 13996 North Territorial Road.

Common Grill

The running gag is that there's nothing common about Common Grill, which is something that we heard from one of our customers and we'd definitely agree with them! They've got a lot of wonderful seafood dishes here and the upscale vibe is just incredible. The new renovations have really opened up the space for large party bus groups like yours, and it's one of the most enjoyable atmospheres you'll find around here. At 112 South Main Street!

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

Those who love a good brewery or pub would do well to check out Chelsea Alehouse Brewery when they are traveling in the Stockbridge area with! This is a very popular choice among our customers. We think that has something to do with the nice array of food that's offered, the delicious brews that are served up, and of course the affordable prices that are enough to keep anybody coming back time and time again. Find this one at 420 North Main Street.

Chelsea Grill

You can never go wrong with a visit to Chelsea Grill when you're out here in the Stockbridge area with It's a classy spot, not too pretentious, but just comfortable and beautiful. We're particularly big fans of their grilled chicken sandwiches as well as their chicken entrees, but everything is great here, including the salads and the appetizers. The beer selection is large and impressive! Spacious and not overly loud. Find this one at 1120 South Main Street.

Dam Site Inn

Located in nearby Hell, this is a cute spot to stop in when you're traveling in the Stockbridge area with This is one of those flames-and-devils places, done up in true Hell, Michigan style, and we love it that way! We hope they never change. You can get some truly delicious burgers here and they've got a nice beer selection too. The main highlight is probably the kitchy decor which you'll love checking out! Find this one at 4045 Patterson Lake Road.

Arctic Breakaway

One of the more unique bars in the Stockbridge area is Arctic Breakaway, a real favorite if there's ever been one. It reminds us of the little getaway bars that are located on the roads headed out of Lake Tahoe, so if you've ever enjoyed those, you'll certainly enjoy this. The firehouse wings are our favorite thing here, with delish sauce and plenty of crispy crunch. The fries are also noteworthy and just so yummy! Located at 501 Coliseum Drive.