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Sinclair Grill

Planning to come to the Webberville area with You will certainly want to have lunch at Sinclair Grill. They've got a charm and class that's all their own, with a cool automotive theme in the dining area that we really love. Note that they are closed on Mondays, unfortunately, and plan your trip accordingly! The breakfasts are absolutely mouth watering and so highly recommended to you. You will be able to find this one and only gem at 345 West Grand River.

Gracie's Place has recommended Gracie's Place a time or two to our customers in and around the Webberville area, and the reason for that is unequivocally the comfort food aspect! We just find that all the American favorites on their menu fall easily into that category, and for some reason, comfort food and party bus travel go really well together! Maybe because you are traveling with a group of your very best friends in the world. The service is perfection. Try the chef's tasting menu if you get the chance to! Find this one at 151 South Putnam Street!

Bloated Goat Saloon

While the name of this spot may not be the most appealing thing in the world, the old fashioned sign certainly beckons you in to find out just what this place has to offer. It's an old fashioned dive bar, just as you might expect. Nice and dim with that classic ambiance that they just can't manufacture nowadays no matter how hard they try! Good burgers, nice beer selection, and of course a full bar so you can get all your favorite cocktails. Located at 141 East Grand River.

CB's Bucket Bar & Grille

Really one of's favorite sports bars in and around the Webberville area and beyond, CB's Bucket Bar & Grill gets rave reviews not just from us but from our customers as well! The ambiance is just so cool and it's one of the best places in town to watch the big game. You won't believe the large selection of food and beers, and all at such affordable prices. Who could resist? Find this one at 132 West Grand River Avenue.

Red Cedar Grill

A slightly more upscale choice in the Webberville area but without any pretense or upcharge to go along with it, this is a very nice place for our customers to grab a tasty bite to eat in a very lovely atmosphere. It's all about classic American food here and they really get it right. There are rarely crowds here except on the busiest weekends. Just a very cozy and traditional place to dine and drink while escaping the grind of the work week. Find it at 150 East Grand River.

Tavern 109

Tavern 109 is one of the newer additions to the Webberville area and it is very highly recommended both by and to customers! We're very impressed with the lovely and sparkling clean ambiance of this bar and restaurant, and we're even more impressed with the delicious food and drinks that are offered here, including pizzas that are simply mouth watering and delectable. You'll be treated to wonderful service here as well. Located at 115 East Grand River Avenue.

RiverHouse Inn

Possibly the priciest and most worth it place on's list of Webberville recommendations, RiverHouse Inn is a spot that we simply adore. It all comes down to their beyond-impressive biergarten, this outdoor space that provides the perfect place to both down those delectable beers and to grab a beautiful view of the Red Cedar River. Wandering back inside, you'll enjoy the historic vibe of the old home that the restaurant is located in! The best dishes here? The seafood, of course! You can find this one at 310 West Grand River.