Restaurants and Bars in Leslie Back to Service Area


If you've not yet had the chance to check out Crossroads in Leslie, make sure that you do so during your upcoming trip! This is the kind of classic American bar that's family friendly in the daytime and filled with plenty of great options for you in both the food and drink departments. The service is absolutely wonderful and you'll just love living it up here with your good friends and loved ones for special celebrations. Low key and cool, at 154 South Main Street.

Klavon's Pizzeria & Pub

Klavon's is a nice bar and grill that's smoke free and very comfortable for all of our customers in and around the Leslie area. They've got a much larger menu than you'd expect of a bar and grill, with the pizzeria and pub in their title being well deserved. The pizza is in fact our favorite thing here, delicious deep dish that you won't be able to resist sinking your teeth into! Amazing Chicago style flavor here, that's for sure. Find this one at 6010 Clinton Road.

Darb's Tavern & Eatery

This is a very cool and relaxing bar that all the locals really love. customers who visit this little gem in the Leslie area always rave about the old fashioned service, the unique vibe of the establishment, the cool decor, and the large menu that really offers you a lot to choose from! We've tried just about every single thing on the menu and we're happy to tell you that everything is good! Very highly recommended. Find this one at 117 South Cedar Street.

The Vault Deli

If you're familiar with the Leslie area and its unique and enticing restaurants, you know that The Vault Deli is in fact located in an old bank building! This makes it one of the most interesting locations to visit for lunch when you're out here with, and you'll love getting the historical perspective of it from the staff who is always happy to share that with you. The sandwiches are amazing and this is an ideal spot for takeout to enjoy on the bus. At 368 South Jefferson Street.

Wooden Nickel Saloon

This old fashioned western dive bar and biker bar is exactly as you'd expect it to be. The prices are cheap, the place is totally unpretentious, and the service is quick and good, if not overly friendly. They keep the place clean and they've always got great options for you here. Our personal favorite? Gotta be those juicy burgers. Just amazing. The drinks are good and strong but don't expect any crazy candy flavored drink specials here. Old fashioned and good! At 1382 East Mason Street.

Los Tres Amigos

You'll certainly have more than just tres amigos with you when you're traveling with in the Leslie area, and you'll definitely want that group of amigos to meet these three amigos for some amazing Mexican food! It's a very charming place that serves up homemade sangria and you can even enjoy that on their outdoor patio in the beautiful warmth of the summer months. The service is perfection. So kind and considerate. At 447 South Jefferson Street.


Roadhouse is a cool and cozy spot that feels just like the name suggests. They stick to the classics here and we appreciate it. There's nothing better than a prime rib hoagie paired with a delicious Sam Adams fresh out of the tap. The people who work here are just so kind and friendly that you'll feel like you're visiting good friends, and if you should mingle with the locals, you'll find that they are the same way. You can find this essential stop at 4112 Lansing Avenue! We love it.