Restaurants and Bars in Lansing Back to Service Area


Piazzano's is one of the top recommendations for pizza, Italian food, breakfast, and brunch in the Lansing area. The crew really thinks that you will enjoy yourself there when you're traveling with us. It's very comfy and casual here, never pretentious or overdone in any way, and that applies to the prices too, which are nice and affordable! They've got a whole lot of appetizers that you'll really love and great daily specials too. Located at 1825 North Grand River.


Tripper's is one of's favorite sports bars in the Lansing area. They've really got a lot to offer here, much more than what you're used to! Not only do they have a charming dining area and bar, but there's also a billiards room and even a separate poker room! Now that's truly unique and worth a visit. The food is mostly your standard bar fare but it's all delicious and very affordable. You'll really enjoy visiting this one at 350 Frandor Avenue. Highly recommended!

Irish Pub & Grill

The generic name of this one always gives us a little chuckle, but there's nothing generic about the vibe or the service that you receive at Irish Pub & Grill! customers request this one quite often! It's charming with an authentic pub feel, sort of mixed with an old dive bar kind of vibe. The prices are in line with a dive bar and pub and the service is old fashioned and friendly just as it should be. You'll be able to find this one at 1910 West Saginaw Street. Don't miss it!

Nuthouse Sports Grill

If you're seeking a wonderful sports bar in the immediate Lansing part of's service area, Nuthouse Sports Grill is a must-visit! They are known for their deliciously mouth watering pizzas and we're just in love with not only those, but the cool and laid back vibe in which you get to eat those pizzas! This place reminds us of a classic bar in the '80s or '90s, with a cool throwback feel and service that's just wonderful. Always quick and friendly. At 420 East Michigan Avenue.

Art's Bar & Grill

This is another spot in the area that is well known for both its dive bar charm and its delicious pizza! And let's face it, pizza is a requirement when you are on a trip! Lansing is definitely made better by the presence of this charming little gem, which is very popular with the campus crowds as well as locals and travelers alike. The drinks are good and strong here and the bartenders were clearly the valedictorians of their mixology courses! Top notch. At 809 East Kalamazoo Street.


R-Club is a very nice spot to check out when you are traveling in the Lansing area with It's got two sides to it, a bar side and a restaurant side, and both are very nice and charming places to spend the evening with all your good party bus friends, laughing it up and enjoying some good food and drink. The dining area is quiet and pleasant and the bar area is lively and fun. Smart pricing and wonderful service! Find this one at 6409 Centurion Drive!

Oade's Bar & Grill

Oade's Bar & Grill is definitely a unique one, something different in this town full of dive bars and sports bars! This is sort of a deli meets dive bar, with a nice array of delicious sandwiches and burgers that will really take care of those hunger pangs, and also nice salads and soups. The drinks are good and strong, as they should be, and the service is fast and friendly. Can't go wrong with a visit here when you're in Lansing with! At 936 Elmwood Road.