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Klavon's Pizzeria & Pub

All of us at have been really impressed with Klavon's Pizzeria & Pub in the Fitchburg area. Our customers have expressed their satisfaction with it and we've really enjoyed it ourselves! It's classy here, considering that it's just a cozy bar and grill, and the food is absolutely delicious. The five star item, in our opinion, has got to be the deep dish pizza. Absolutely melt-in-your-mouth good and can easily compete even with Pizza Papalis! Find this one at 6010 Clinton Road.


One of the most family friendly and all-ages appropriate restaurants in the Fitchburg area is Crossroads. It's a nice American bar and restaurant that just gets everything right, from top to bottom. They greet you warmly and make you feel right at home, whether you're dining on your own, with a couple of guests, or with your whole group! The Fitchburg area is certainly made better by the presence of this great establishment. Find it at 154 South Main Street.

Darb's Tavern & Eatery

This is also one of the most beloved bars and restaurants in the Fitchburg area, really conjuring up that tavern feel without any pretense or any sense of overdoing it. It's just cozy and relaxing, a real respite from the hard working week and all the stress that it brings. The menu is nothing short of enormous and every single thing on it is good. Sitting at the bar is an absolute joy and chatting it up with the bartenders or waitstaff is fun too. Find this one at 117 South Cedar Street.

The Vault Deli

One of the most exciting destinations in the Fitchburg area is The Vault Deli, and why? Well, the vault in the name comes from the fact that this deli is actually located in a historic bank building! If you're an architecture lover like we are, you'll really enjoy checking that out. The salads and sandwiches are some of the best things that you'll ever taste, and even the service here is just so friendly and quick. We can't say enough good things about this one. At 368 South Jefferson Street.

Wooden Nickel Saloon

If an old fashioned biker bar/dive bar sounds like your dream destination when in the Fitchburg area with, then jot down the name Wooden Nickel Saloon, because you will absolutely adore this place! There's nothing fancy about it whatsoever, just an old fashioned saloon as it should be. It's clean and nice though, and the food and drinks are all very good. The prices are super low, making this an easy all-night hangout. Find it at 1382 East Mason Street!

Los Tres Amigos

Oh, how we love the Mexican food that is served at Los Tres Amigos! We've often said that this restaurant is a customer's "best amigo" when they're traveling in this area, because you can obtain such delicious food in large quantities and at low prices! Very smart for budget-conscious party bus travelers. The outdoor patio is a real highlight here and we especially enjoy sipping the homemade sangria out there. Check it out at 447 South Jefferson Street.

Big Boy

All of our customers know that Big Boy is a great place to get a classic burger, a nice salad or soup, and perhaps a yummy milkshake! This location in the Fitchburg area is no exception. It's got that classic vibe that everybody still loves and we're so glad to see that these restaurants are still going strong after so many decades. All very clean and nice here including the soup and salad bar. We love the fish and chips and the Slim Jims! At 660 North Cedar Street.