Restaurants and Bars in Edgemont Park Back to Service Area


If you're with in the Edgemont Park area and you're hungry for some delicious pizza or Italian food, do not hesitate to point your chauffeur to Piazzano's. This is a super casual and comfortable place where you can not only enjoy those old fashioned favorites, but even breakfast and brunch should you be there earlier in the day! The day's specials are always fantastic and the pizza is wonderful for carryout on the bus too. At 1825 North Grand River.

Irish Pub & Grill

The staff is always joking about the plain Jane name here, but the experience that you have when you dine and drink there is anything but generic. It's just a cozy and wonderful pub and dive bar, serving up nice bar fare and good stiff drinks at prices that anyone can appreciate. This old fashioned gem has been going strong for ages now and we hope it continues to do so! You will be able to find this sweet little dive bar and pub at 1910 West Saginaw Street!

Oade's Bar & Grill

Yet another of's favorite bars and grills in the Edgemont Park area, Oade's gets a ton of respect from our customers and we think you'll really enjoy it there too. Not only is this a perfectly respectable dive bar as with the previous location, but it also doubles as a deli with some of the most amazing sandwiches and deli salads in town. Truly a unique spot and well worth checking out! We love it and think you will too. Find it at 936 Elmwood Road.

Nuthouse Sports Grill

After a long week at the nuthouse (whether that's your home or work or both!), why not escape to yet another nuthouse? Nuthouse Sports Bar & Grill is one of the most comfy and cozy places in the Edgemont Park area to relax with a good cold beer and the company of your best friends. groups are very well served here. They've got some of the best pizza in town and we're absolutely in love with their burgers and sandwiches. Find it at 420 East Michigan Avenue.


R-Club is the kind of restaurant and bar that divides the action into two sides, the bar side and the restaurant side. We like it that way! It means that our customers can enjoy a more quiet and subdued seating area for their meal and then move on over to the bar area for a more loud and lively time! This is a special gem in the Edgemont Park area and it's really beloved by so many of our party bus groups. You will be able to find this one and only at 6409 Centurion Drive.

Sushi Moto

The Lansing area and the Edgemont Park area both offer up some seriously good sushi restaurants, but our personal favorite has got to be Sushi Moto. Not only do customers go wild for this place, but so does the staff! They've got one of the largest sushi menus that we've ever seen, just packed with so many different kinds of rolls made with the freshest sashimi, rice, and nori. We also love the appetizers such as the gyoza! At 436 Elmwood Road.


Troppo is a very cool American bar that is smartly located within the Edgemont Park part of's service area. It's one of the pricier places on our list but you can believe us when we say that it is worth every dollar that you'll pay. The food is amazing and the bar is very nice, albeit a bit small for some of our larger groups. Absolutely beautiful decor and some of the nicest service you'll receive around here. At 111 East Michigan Avenue.