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Dublin Square Irish Pub

One of's favorite places to send our customers when they are traveling in the East Lansing area is Dublin Square Irish Pub. Conveniently located at 327 Abbot Road, this is a spot that is known for their incredible beer selection, a wide array of appetizers including mouth watering baked brie, and wonderful live music too! This place really has so much going for it. We also have to mention their wonderful happy hour prices and daily specials! Truly a fave.

Peanut Barrel

This one's really famous, not just with customers, but the world over! So much so that it's been featured on ESPN. Gotta love it. They have huge delicious hamburgers including the famous olive burger that everybody just adores. The Long Island iced tea is another famous choice here and that's the special on Wednesdays. We are big fans of the cozy outdoor patio and highly recommend it for your group outings when the weather is good! Located at 521 East Grand River.

Harrison Roadhouse

Well known for their wide beer selection and their long list of delicious Italian dinners, not to mention that fabulous white chicken chili that everyone is always raving about, and of course the classic fish and chips! This place is a real favorite, and not just of our customers, but of the staff as well. Very comfortable and friendly ambiance makes this one doubly welcoming and you'll certainly want to go and check it out at 720 Michigan Avenue when you're with us.


One of the top pizza and burger joints in the East Lansing area and a beloved place for customers as well. This one's got a full bar with a very impressive beer selection, and you'll even be able to relax on their cozy outdoor patio when the weather is treating you right. We like the daily specials and we appreciate the half-off Sundays even more! Absolutely amazing burgers and pizza here. Just a very cozy and friendly spot, at 254 West Grand River.

Beggar's Banquet

Beggar's Banquet combines a charming restaurant with a wine bar, all in a low key and relaxed setting. Everyone loves the intimate and comfortable vibe. They serve breakfast and they've got wonderful happy hour prices as well as a full bar for your complete enjoyment. The very best nights to come in, according to our customers, are Sundays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. This one gets frequent visits from customers and we hope you'll be the next! At 218 Abbot Road.


HopCat has got to be one of the coolest gastropubs in the East Lansing area, and would be more than happy to take you there during your upcoming trip with us! They've got a huge selection of delicious beers and really yummy burgers, including the turkey bruschetta burger, which is our personal fave. We highly recommend this as a brunch stop, particularly because of their mouth watering Bloody Mary bar! Located at 300 Grove Street!

The Black Cat Bistro

This is a really exciting one on's list of recommendations for the East Lansing area! The Black Cat Bistro scores high rankings with our customers because they love the beautiful ambiance, the friendly service, and the amazing array of choices on their large menu. The airline chicken is probably one of our top favorites here and it's just one of the many things that we'd recommend to you. Be sure to check this one out at 115 Albert Street! Very highly recommended!