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Wooden Nickel Saloon

If your travels with bring you to nearby Dansville, you should definitely consider visiting Wooden Nickel Saloon for a good old fashioned time. This is a great old dive bar and biker bar where you can enjoy super cheap drinks, a small selection of the most classic beers on tap, and of course some delicious bar burgers and other bar fare. You will not believe how low the prices are here. Service is good too! Find this one at 1382 East Mason Street right in Dansville!

Frank's Press Box East

One of's favorite sports bars has got to be Frank's Press Box, and this location in the Dansville and Okemos area is just such an essential for our party bus customers to check out. They've got a nice ambiance going on here, very cozy and conducive to watching the big game on TV with your buddies, and a huge selection of appetizers and entrees to enjoy while you do so. The drinks are good and strong too! Find this one at 2314 Woodlake Drive!

Gracie's Place

When customers are looking for a great place to enjoy some home cooked food and good strong drinks, we always point them to Gracie's Place. So many people have raved about this place being one of the very best for the "comfort food" genre, and we would definitely agree! All your favorite deep fried goodies are here as well as creamy potatoes and incredible pastas. Gracie's really got it all. You will be able to find this one at 151 South Putnam Street!

CB's Bucket Bar & Grille

If we had to pick the top sports bar in the Dansville area, we'd have to say CB's Bucket Bar & Grill would probably get our vote. And why is that? Well, it starts with the awesome atmosphere that nobody else can seem to create. The superb service is the second part of the equation. Finally, it all comes down to the food and drinks, of which the selection is just super. Great prices on everything too! And there couldn't be a more perfect place to watch sports. At 132 West Grand River.

Red Cedar Grill

For a charming American restaurant that offers up all of your favorites, check out Red Cedar Grill in the Dansville and Williamston area. We're just in love with the burgers and pizza here, and we can't say enough about the pastas and entrees too. Both crazed carnivores and vegans/vegetarians will be able to find something to satisfy their deepest cravings here. Really an impressive menu, great drinks, and wonderful service to boot! Find this one at 150 East Grand River Avenue! Love it!


If you're seeking the perfect blend of restaurant and bar that's also family friendly and very ideal for groups of all ages, then check out Crossroads. They've got a very charming bar where you can sit and mingle with the locals, or if you prefer, you can sit in the dining area and just enjoy a great meal with your party bus friends. The service is very friendly and nothing feels rushed here. Very relaxed and charming in every way. Find it at 154 South Main Street.

Stillwater Grill

Stillwater Grill is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant that both offers up an impressive and affordable menu and also doesn't go too over-the-top with the fanciness, making it a really smart choice for casual party bus travel when you want more upscale food without the upscale prices and atmosphere. The service is very friendly and they're always more than happy to point you to something great on the menu if you can't make up your mind. At 3544 Meridian Crossings!